mako bass

34” scale - neck through: hard maple/purpleheart - walnut body semihollow,
curly maple fin, ebony inlay - neck with carbon rods reinforcement, 
rosewood fingerboard, MOP inlay, pickup langcaster humbucker active
12 magnet poles - built-in overdrive - 3d-4 bridge from schaller  
machines from groover

mako guitar and bass

both the guitar and bass are now ready to have the neck glued on the the body.

mako guitar and bass body

both the guitar and bass bodies are done from the front.

mako bass parts

body has been milled out and ready for the top bottom to be glued on. Neck is all done with shark tooth inlays etc.

mako bass neck

mako bass neck all done. now we need to make the body for it.

mako bass neck

routing the curve from the body to the neck. this progress is extreme precice and only leaves behind a small amount of manual sanding time.